About us and our passion for employment law

Our lawyers have profound knowledge of employment law, governance, management and employee participation law and are familiar with the latest developments. Our clients describe us as knowledgeable, thorough, up-to-date and realistic. We are proud of that.

Proactive approach and litigation

Whether it concerns dismissal, reorganization, collective bargaining laws, the right to strike or disputes within contractual forms of collaboration, our clients can always rely on our lawyers’ active approach. Away from old school. We want to be known for being prominent and trend-setting.

We assess, advise, negotiate and litigate depending on your case or conflict. We review your case, listen and make use of our sense of reality. Together with you, we chart a course of action and at the same time we inform you about the costs and risks. In that way you can make cost-conscious choices.

International expertise

Since ARBOR Advocaten is a member of ELLINT, a European network of leading law firms specializing in employment and labour law, our services are not restricted to the Netherlands. Internationally, you can also count on our specialist knowledge and pragmatic approach in the area of employment law.